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Leaflets highlight the meaning of the phrase “spreading the word”. They stand as a physical advertisement that is available to everyone, and help spread word of upcoming events or of local business.  Leaflets represent an ideal method of marketing to grow your business, they offer to convey the right message that puts your brand in the spotlight, furthermore, they can be targeted at certain demographics for highly responsive outcomes! They are a fantastic addition to your marketing campaign, over the next paragraphs I will highlight some key components of leaflets that make them worth looking at.

One of the main and obvious key components of any leaflet, is the fact that they are physical. The physical aspect is beneficial to you and your customers as there is no chance of them being deleted or missed as its been moved to the “junk folder”. We have become so used to emails, and reading off screens, that information written down on physical copy demands more attention to obtain the content. Emails on the other hand, tend to show limited information at a first glance, they are often deleted without being opened if the recipient cannot grasp what the email entails.

Another key component of leaflets is their ability to target a direct demographic. As leaflets are able to arrive at people’s homes and offices, this can be a fantastic opportunity to have your brand delivered to the audience you want! It is also worth noting certain visual points to include in a leaflet to grab your selected audience’s attention; an exclusive discount/coupon code only included in the leaflet to use online or in store, an invitation to join you on your social media channels, and possibly a contest to create a buzz around your company! It is of course imperative to include phone numbers, business address’s, website URL, opening times and your email address. 

Being creative with your leaflet design is a key aspect in making your company stand out as professional and highlight the quality of service your customer can expect to receive. Spend some time thinking about your choice of colour, your typography, images you want to use, and what message you wish to present- these are crucial in your customer making their decision. It can be easy to recognise a poorly designed leaflet, a slip up that could encourage your customer to not purchase a service from you.

Overall, leaflets are one of the most inexpensive ways for you to target the audience you wish. A business leaflet strengthens your company as it is able to give your customers a clear message of what you can offer, for no other marketing technique can promise the large-scale coverage and targeted marketing of a leaflet campaign. 

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