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Building powerful and lasting e-commerce for your branded business is exceptionally important in maintaining your brand image and being recognisable to future business. While thinking of your e-commerce branding, make sure you have the customer in the front of your mind, for they are the reason your services exist, and your products need to reflect how you have kept their business in your mind when tackling your e-commerce. Here are some e-commerce brand tips that will help build your customer engagement and give them a positive experience and journey.


When selling your products across e-commerce, they should be sleek and be able to carry your companies message and mission. In today’s climate, where more and more online purchases are being made, going a step further by including promotional discounts and offers are a fantastic way to give back to your customers. QR codes are a brilliant example of using print marketing on boxes and packages that get delivered to your clients, a QR code printed on the side of a package offers a chance for customers to get exclusive discounts on product across your e-commerce, furthermore, this act of goodwill is a proven tactic in attracting repeat and engaging customers!

Branded boxes and postal boxes

Merchandising your boxes for deliveries is an area of e-commerce branding that can set your business apart. By printing a personalised company branding, with messages and graphics onto a resistant and sturdy box material, it is not only able to provide protection for your customer’s products but is a brilliant way to spread your branding and recognition across your services. TiC Media is able to accommodate your package branding, offering tips for your services that will help grow your branding and customer awareness.

Encouraging return business

One of the key factors in determining the success of an e-commerce store is the repeat customers that are constantly engaging with your services and products. When the customers delivery arrives, make sure you include more than just their product. Including some mini brochures and leaflets on items that may be of interest to the customer is a fantastic technique in gaining repeat business. TiC Media can accommodate these small details which have a high ROI, leading to a higher satisfaction from the customer on their journey through using your e-commerce!

When detailing your ecommerce strategy, keep in mind the importance of your branding and print marketing tools that can help your business grow. As ecommerce is a relatively new way of spending money and receiving goods, trust towards your business is imperative in customer satisfaction. Adding the discount codes and mini brochures/leaflets with the arrival of products is incredibly beneficial in building customer loyalty and trust; your customer understands you have taken them into account when distributing their orders.

E-commerce printing and branding services

With over 20 years experience in the print industry we have witnessed the revolution of modern business. It is nearly impossible too operate without a brand online due to this it is crucial your online & offline brand is consistent. At Tic Media we offer e-commerce printing & branding services to both small local businesses alongside national brands.

Contact us today to discuss your printing needs.

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TIC have been a printer of ours for some time now and I must say have been a breath of fresh air. Great advice, good prices and excellent service. When we have ever had a issue they couldn’t do enough to put it right…fast.
Most recently TIC have produced our new business cards, again their advice was fantastic and we are really pleased with the end result.
Thank you Terry

James Doubtfire

James Doubtfire

Helping businesses grow

I needed some high-quality roller banners for my podcast. I quizzed Terry about the best options and he quickly convinced me that the better quality banners would be a better investment. They will be used at shows and podcast recording on a regular basis. The banners are excellent in terms of colours and quality. They have given podcasts a high quality feel and enabled us to record in any location and make it our own.

Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews

Founder at Agencybnb

Terry is always very helpful and super-efficient in getting jobs turned around quickly and easily. He offers great value and is a pleasure to work with. Terry has helped me to produce business cards, roller banners and brochures in tight timescales and budgets and I look forward to continue sending more work his way in future. He is always ready to respond to a specific brief or to suggest new ideas and things you may never have considered if you’re open to inspiration.

Anwen Cooper

Anwen Cooper

Brand & Marketing Strategist

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