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Business cards are able to bring the human element into business; the physical exchanging of business information create a staple foundation for any future business, highlighting your attentive side to your service and eye for detail. Now, you don’t have to go full “American Psycho” in your detail, but these 5 essential things that need to be seen on your business card are imperative in communicating your business across explicitly.  

Consistent typography and design

Keeping your design across your business is important in establishing your brand. This consistency needs to run across all platforms of your marketing products, therefore, your business card should have a typography and design that is similar/the same as your website. This line of similarity establishes your service and branding, highlighting your attention for detail in your work and professionalism. 

Name and functional job title

Despite this looking like the most obvious part of a good business card, many people slip up. State your preferred name at the top of the card, followed underneath by your job title. Now this job title can be a broad title, try not to be too specific as it can limit clients getting in touch with you, a title that branches over many different roles will have potential customers reach out to you more often!

Don’t be afraid to use colour!

Try and shift up the standard black and white business card- these have become outdated and boring in certain fields! Adding a splash of colour will help your card stand out from the crowd, conveying a creative side to yourself and letting your personality shine through. Adding colourful sections to your card lets your information pop out and easier to remember for your customer!

Include your social media profiles

The inclusion of your social media profiles is especially important in todays climate. For your business card can act as a leg up to your services and online platforms, guiding your clients to your business world for them to explore. Including all social media profiles highlights you have thought of all areas, covered the ground and exemplifies your availability and preparation for any queries. 

Leave plenty of space on your card

Don’t cram your business card with information- it can appear overwhelming and un-creative. Including space on your card is essential as it allows further information to be written down if need be, think of this space as a customisable canvas for any more personal queries! Try to use a finish on your business card that doesn’t cause ink to smear, this can be disastrous in holding onto written down notes.

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