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Think of a flyer being an outstretched introductory hand towards your customer- they provide a fantastic opportunity for your future clients to be introduced to your business. Creating an original and creative flyer for your customer can let your business shine, these 11 simple flyer tips can let your business shine for customers. 

Speak directly to your audience

It is easy for customers to pick up on copy and pasted information when reading your flyers, get a message across that speaks to them! Your clients are far more likely to do business with you if you are able to attract to their needs, don’t be afraid to use pronouns such as you, your, or us- these will have a personal and longer lasting effect on your audience!

Include positive reviews

Always remember to ask for permission first, but whether you are running a construction company, a dog grooming shop or a sports store; demonstrating to your customers your previous success stories enables trust within potential future business. Furthermore, it highlights the honesty of your business, a pride of your work and a strive to continue this success!

Get creative with your flyer shape

Don’t be afraid to push your creativity by switching up the usual rectangular shape of a flyer. Flyers are able to be produced in many different shapes and sizes, matching your flyer shape to the nature of your business not only highlights a branding continuity, but the shape will stand out at a glance from a pile of regular shaped flyers.

Use full colour on your design

It might sound like an obvious technique, but many companies still use black and white colouring for their flyers. Adding colour to your flyer highlights you have spent more time and effort thinking of your colouring, furthermore, bright leaflets convey more positivity for your customer, increasing your chances of curiosity of your business.

Incorporate a discount voucher into your flyer

If feasible for you, discount vouchers in flyers create an individuality to your business. By having discounts only available in your flyers, customers are far more likely to keep hold of your information, furthermore, time limits on the discounts create an urgency for clients to become involved with your work!

Break your text up with pictures

A flyer full of block text is an instant killer for your reader. They see the columns of text and are put off by the mass amount of information- it’s too much! Incorporate images between your sections of text to make the readability smooth and sufficient. 

Keep it Simple

Simplicity in design has always worked, keeping it accessible to larger demographic will improve your popularity in your area. Try to stick to two typefaces and align items in your flyer with a grid, these will provide a tidiness to your work and business.


Having a flyer with information that is littered with typos and poor punctuation/grammar can reflect poorly on your business- demonstrating to potential customers that you skip over the details. Ask someone to read through your flyer, have them pick up any errors; this unbiased opinion will help your readability tenfold!

Include tear-off tabs

Incorporating tear away tabs, with important nuggets of information, is a fantastic way to give your customer direct access to you without having to write anything down! Furthermore, the tear away action is a great interaction point for you customer and stands you out from the crowd!

Have a fun secondary use for the flyer

Flyers that have a fun secondary use provide a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate your creativity and give your customers more time and involvement with your flyer. A superb example would be instructions on the back of the flyer with instructions on how to make a paper aeroplane, encouraging your customers to get more usage out of your flyer!

Create tick boxes for your customer to fill out

Offering a list of your services with tick boxes next to them is a fantastic way to let your customer not only see your services, but makes it much easier for them to fill out and return. A simple tick box makes it mutually beneficial for yourself and your customer; it provides a clear and easy indication of what works need to be done. Furthermore, the tick boxes encourage a quicker response time from your client!

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