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Many people are already thinking about Christmas parties and meals

Christmas is just around the corner, and it is that time of year when people go out to eat more than usual. Restaurant owners know this too well, and they often offer promotions to get you back in their restaurants.

This is a good time to use print to up your marketing game this holiday season. This article should give you some insight on ideas for your 2021 Christmas and New Years plan.

Many of your competitors are thinking about publicising their seasonal offerings. It’s time to make sure that you are actively planning for Christmas. 

Have you started thinking about publicity yet?

It is time to start telling everyone about what you are doing. Make sure you have a flyer that you give to everyone at the end of their visit to your venue. You should also consider posters on your walls, tent cards on your tables and signage at the entrance and exit of your venue.

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There is a lot of competition between restaurants to offer their best offers and customers really enjoy these Christmas promotions.

As we know that with the holiday season coming, many restaurants will be coming up with some appealing promotions and incentives for customers. Whether it is 2-for-1 deals or happy hours, there will be something to suit everyone’s taste.

The following are some of the top takeaway tips:

– Offer discounts on food purchases for those who make a reservation

– Promote an unlimited buffet from 11am to 3pm on Christmas day

– Offer a “mini” buffet at more affordable prices

– Introduce some new menu items or old favorites

Having these offers decided beforehand is key due to needing them for printed material.

What about the Christmas menu?

As soon as you have planned what you will be serving December, have your menus printed. It is worth printing more than normal. This means that you can give copies to people who are thinking about booking to inspire them. You could also consider creating pocket size menus to make it easy for people to take one away.


Plan your tableware sooner rather than later

Personalised or branded crackers make a great addition to a table in December. By creating your own you can include your own gift. Alternatively, you can use them for sweets at the end of a meal. However, stocks of crackers can be limited. It is best to start thinking about ordering these now. While you are at it, think about getting your Christmas placemats and drinks coasters ordered as well.

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