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Why is a powerful logo important?

What is a Logo and Why is it important?

A powerful logo is an emblem, symbol, or device that is used to identify a company. Logos are important because they act as the identifying mark of the company. They are symbols that distinguish one company from another. 

5 Key Elements of Any Successful Logo Design

A logo is an important part of any business. It’s what makes your business unique and recognizable. It’s the first thing people see, so it’s vital to make a good impression with your logo design. 

Whether you’re making a logo for a new business or redesigning your current logo, here are five key elements that need to be considered in order to make a successful design: 

· A good logo should be versatile and work well across all mediums so that the company can use them on any branding material from print to digital. 

· It needs to have a timeless quality so that the logo does not quickly become outdated.

· A good logo is recognisable and memorable

· The logo should be appropriate for your company’s industry.

· Your company’s logo needs to have meaning – the design behind the company’s name and what they do needs to be reflected in the company’s logotype.

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What are the different styles of logos?


This type of logo, also known as logotype, is made up of stylised text where the letters are usually set in a custom font. A wordmark provides users with instant recognition and allows companies to put the most important piece of information first without having to decipher any complex meanings from symbols or shapes. These logos usually use sans serif fonts and have a clean look to them. (E.g. Google) 


These logos use a symbol or icon in their design. This icon/symbol can be the entire logo or just the focal point. The advantage to this type of logo is that it doesn’t need to include text – people automatically recognize it. Icon style logos are simple and modern. They often include a symbol or a shape that is representative of the company for its customers to remember it by. (E.g. Apple)

Combination marks

This style type includes both wordmark and icon elements in one logo. Combination mark logos are effective because they are memorable, they have a story to tell, and they have a visual component. A combination mark logo typically relies on more than one type of graphical element to create its overall shape, colour scheme, and texture. (E.g. Starbucks, Paramount) 

How to Develop Effective Logo Design & Marketing Strategy

Developing an effective logo design marketing strategy can help your business stand out in any industry and grow to be a successful enterprise. Logo design is the visual representation of a company’s identity, meaning it is vitally important that logos are designed and implemented with careful consideration and precision. The logo should reflect the company’s culture and values, present a good first impression to potential customers, and fit seamlessly into any marketing campaign.

There are some steps to follow when developing an effective logo design marketing strategy:

  • Identify target audience and demographics (This will help you determine what type of logo design will work best for your business.)
  • Identify the key messages that you want to convey with the logo design.
  • Brainstorm logo design ideas and evaluate initial ideas 
  • Research the design trends in your industry
  • Find out what colours are popular in your industry and what colours will best represent your company
  • Use fonts that make sense for the company’s name and industry 
  • Test your logo on a variety of backgrounds
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The Importance of Typography and Font Choices

Typography plays an important role in logo design. Whether it’s through the use of fonts, sizing, or colours, typography plays a pivotal role in the success of a logo. 

Different types of fonts can have an emotional effect on people. They can exude feeling, conveying concepts like high-tech, modern, traditional, playful, and elegant. Fonts also can evoke an emotion that is more serious like strong or trustworthy. A successful logo design should be legible from a distance, communicate with its audience, and stand out from other logos. 

Choosing a font is an integral part of logos the main identifier of what they represent. Here are some font types that are commonly used in logos:


 Serif fonts are one of the most commonly used styles for logos. The serif font is famous for its clean and well-defined lines, making it an effective choice for logos and other typography designs. This font style has a traditional and elegant look, and many designers believe that serif fonts work better with logo design because they can build recognised shapes that look like symbols. 

Sans Serif 

Using sans serif fonts in logos is often considered more contemporary and professional. With their clean lines and simple shapes, san serif fonts make for a visually appealing style in logos. 

In sans-serif typefaces, there is less room for the eye to linger on individual letters and instead focus on the overall image or goal that the company wants to portray. Sans-serif fonts are often used in branding because they communicate cleanliness and simplicity without distracting features like serifs


Script fonts use characters from calligraphy or typefaces from an old style of handwriting. Script fonts are associated with elegance, sophistication, class, formality – all key characteristics associated with luxury brands.

Script fonts are a good design tool because they have a very distinctive look that stands out from the other fonts on the page; using script typefaces give a more personal touch to a logo and can capture attention, helping to establish a company’s personality and create an emotional connection with the customer. 

Colour Psychology & Coordinating Colours in your Company’s Logos

Colour is a powerful element to use when designing a logo. The colours chosen for a design will evoke emotions and feelings from the viewer and can affect how they feel about the company or brand. 

To make sure that your logo is efficient, you need to consider its colour scheme and how it works with other colours in the background. To ensure that your brand is consistent, you should work on creating a colour scheme that can be used in all your company’s logos.

Always using coordinating colours in your company’s logo will look cohesive and well-coordinated across all platforms, and additionally will help establish a sense of unity in the company that makes your brand stronger and recognisable by clients.

Colour has a significant effect on how consumers feel, which in turn affects their perception of the brand.

Colour psychology suggests that certain colours are more likely to trigger specific emotions than others. For example, red is associated with passion and excitement while blue is associated with trust and serenity. This means that you should consider coordinating your colour palette amongst your business unit or team, as it will produce harmonious results for the company. 

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Stand out from the competition with a customized and well-designed logo

A good logo has personality, an original concept, relevance to the company’s target audience, and timelessness. A well-designed logo is an integral part of any business’s branding strategy. A good logo can be created from scratch or from an existing mark that you want to rebrand.  

The three-step process of creating a logo that tells your story is:

1) Analyse your business story

2) Create an idea that summarises your story

3) Develop the design concept that supports your idea

A logo is the first impression you make with your audience. It is not just a sign of your business, but also an essential piece of branding and marketing materials. A logo is a valuable business asset that should be created by an experienced design professional who understands the needs and goals of your company.

At TiC Media, we have a team of graphic designers who can help you create an effective and stylish logo that will attract the right audience. We understand how to create successful logo designs that will make your brand stand out in the crowd, producing logos that tell your business story and make your brand look professional and captivating. Contact us today for graphic design enquiries.  

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