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A lot of people will be surprised to discover that in the professional environment, “thankyous” are never expressed as much as you would first think! Expressing gratitude in a professional and effective way can lead to future and re-occurring business from clients, demonstrating your appreciation for their time and trust in your work. The next following points will highlight 3 effective ways to say thank you in a professional way!

Thank You letters

Great news! Your business has received new clients. Now, how do you think you can convey your gratitude to them without a simple verbal thankyou? The answer-Thankyou letters. These letters are a fantastic example for you to communicate personally the work you are to do for them and to highlight your excitement at your future collaboration, this gesture is an effective and professional way to build relationships. 

Discount coupons/ vouchers

If feasible and advertised, the offering of limited-edition discounts when onboarding new customers is a brilliant way to put your thankyou into an actionable format. The vouchers act as a token of gratitude toward your new client, exemplifying your business’s appreciation for your customer choosing your business. 

Business Hampers

While discussing the importance of thank you, it is also important to remember to say thank you to your current clients! Customers can sometimes feel forgotten about, or just another account in a spreadsheet, that is why gestures such as business hampers offer a great way to highlight that you appreciate them choosing you for their needed service. Furthermore, hamper gifts open up a new line of contact, encouraging them to reply to you and keep your business at the front of their mind.

Thanking your clients makes for good customer service; two-thirds of buyers cite customer service as more important than price. Good customer service is good business, it stands you out from the crowd and spreads the word of your attention to detail and professionalism. 

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