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In our current climate where a range of business needs seem to be in a constant wave of availability, impressing your customers and clients is exceptionally important in retaining not only repeat customers, but leaving an impression of a business that is more than just a service. Going the extra mile in letting your business shine for you customers will spread the word of the fantastic service on offer! Here are 3 easy and accessible ways you can impress any customer or client.

Be attentive to their needs

Your customer is the most important part of your business, now imagine how your customer would feel if they weren’t receiving any attention from you, they wouldn’t be impressed would they? Discuss with your clients their goals and needs, be conversational with them and build a strong relationship of trust and loyalty- these qualities thrill clients massively and leave a lasting impression on them!

Address them personally in emails and letters

Sending out emails and letters to customers and clients is a fantastic way to keep a line of contact, demonstrating your care for them. However, if you are using an email or letter template that is copy and pasted across all of your clients, this can look cheap and lazy. Addressing your contacts personally in these communication formats demonstrates your attention to detail and eye-for-detail, for it is the little things that make the difference between businesses.

Thank them

While it may seem second to none, thanking your customer is the ultimate sign of respect for them, exemplifying your gratitude. Perhaps once you have wrapped a project make sure you include a genuine and sincere thankyou in the handoff. These can be simple hand-written notes, or even gifts, whatever the gesture, this action will impress your clients and have them remember the positive experience they had working with you!

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