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Broachers offer a detailed and in-depth overview of your business and what you can offer. Unfortunately, some companies see a broacher as a reason to throw as much information as possible into the pages, overcrowding and overwhelming the readability of the marketing tool. These 3 tips will make you broacher instantly attractive and stand out against the crowd!

Keep your fonts limited and simple

Including too many fonts in a broacher is on par with having too much information- it becomes too busy and confusing for the reader. You really do not need many fonts when designing a broacher- less is more! Keep it simple with a heading, subheading and body copy font, a continuous line of design strengthens your branding, too many font designs in a broacher convey a message of confusion on your part. Keep your statements simple and stick to 3 fonts maximum, this way you are able to keep the broacher professional and appealing to your customer.

Spend time on your design and look

Take time to get creative with your broacher, this can include a range of factors to make your printed marketing more attractive; incorporate shapes to shake your design up, consider different material finishes on your paper (gloss, matte, recyclable material), and use accent pages. Furthermore, it could be worth thinking about how your broachers will be displayed, consider having a designated area for your broachers- you can create display boxes of the same design as your broacher to really let your brand shine!

Ask a question

Your front page of your broacher is the most important aspect in grabbing customer attention. Asking a question on the front page is a great way to entice your reader to pick up and read to find the answer, furthermore, if the question is about something that benefits your audience, it can act as though a service has already been provided!

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