The Benefits of Exhibiting at Trade Shows

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An exhibit at a trade show is a chance for your business to reach thousands of potential customers and generate lucrative leads. For example, in its very first year, The Print Show welcomed more than 5,000 visitors. An opportunity not to be missed, the following is a list of ways exhibiting at a trade show can help your business.

Meet like-minded people

Many attendees will be in the same line of business as you; hand out your business card, network, and gain some valuable new contacts. You could generate some lucrative, highly-targeted business leads that could stand you in good stead in the future. Meeting customers and associates face-to-face builds relationships and trust, an essential way to get ahead in business in today’s environment where transactions can be conducted with no human interaction at all.

Expand your customer base

Have your best sales team on hand because passersby are likely to have some time to stop and chat. Far better than cold calling, visitors at trade shows are themselves seeking to buy and sell, and it’s up to you to take advantage. Make sure you have some good quality printed collateral to hand out which promotes your brand and provides details about your social media links.

Promote your brand

Ensure your exhibition display and your printed materials display your brand and logo; this is your chance to make a striking impression and develop and strengthen your brand’s reputation – and you want that impression to be one that lasts. Remember that anyone who walks past and views your exhibit and brand could be a potential customer one day.

Research among your competitors

Take in the other exhibits at the show and learn from the approach they take – what attracts you to their stand and their business? What draws you in? What special offers are there that could attract customers away from you? What could you do better than them?

Investigate and explore

A trade show is an excellent opportunity to keep an eye on market trends and movements in the industry to make sure you are abreast of developments. Being aware and informed will help you to be the very best you can be in your line of business – and ahead of your competitors.

Printed Products and Promotional Items

Consider promotional items that are relevant to current affairs, for example, fixture lists for sporting events, or materials that relate to recent blockbuster movies, as passersby will be more likely to pick them up. Ensure that promotional literature is of a good quality to give a great first impression, provide QR codes that link to your social media accounts, encourage likes and shares on social media, and incorporate competitions and giveaways to generate customer involvement.

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