The 7 Major Advantages of Using a Leaflet

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Leaflets are able to stand as a short guide to your business and the services you can provide. They are able be used as a major advantage for your company and help you stand out against the competition, when produced and distributed effectively, leaflets are able to help you land the right messages with the right audience, at the right time. Here are 7 major advantages of using a leaflet for your business.

They act as a talking point

When distributing your leaflets, they are able to encourage your customers and clients to get in touch about subjects related to the leaflet. This is highly advantageous as it is opening up a new line of contact, starting a new conversation with potential clients is the most important part of securing new business. Leaflets are able to bridge the gap between yourself and your customers, setting the example for your services.

Your key messages can be easy to understand

Taking some time to develop your key points in leaflets is a fantastic way to communicate effectively to your audience the type of business and service you can provide. Using bullet points and plain English are elements of simplicity that should be taken on board; giving your clients an approachable frame of mind towards your company, while also letting them be 100% clear on your offers!

You can target audiences

Leaflets are a brilliant opportunity to reach out to the specific demographic you wish. Many online marketing features rely on spam and mass email chains to promote their latest company offers- wasting money on targeting audiences that are not going to react to the messages. Leaflets on the other hand allow you to target the customers and clients you wish. This is highly beneficial in seeing results, for you are reaching out to an audience that is far more likely to respond to your services.

Reflect your company’s creativity

Being able to reflect your creativity in your marketing strategy is always an advantage, leaflets allow you to express this massively! You can design leaflets in different shapes and sizes, exciting colour schemes and typography- demonstrating your business’s ability to create original and creative marketing tools. Furthermore, consumers are far more likely to take interest in products that are visually appealing, giving you a leg up over digital marketing tools!

People still trust print

Individuals have more faith and trust in printed information and are much less likely to take on digital messages. Leaflets are able to encourage your customers and clients to take on the information better, for people spend more time reading physical copy compared to digital. Everyday millions of articles and posts are produced to inform the public on trends and businesses, print media is able to cut the overwhelming buzz of online information down and your leaflet can act as a point of relief when taking on new information.

Leaflets have a long shelf life

Your leaflets are able to stay in the homes and offices of your customers far longer than online adverts or blogs, this is a huge advantage in boosting your chances of having your services read, understood and acted on. While at the end of an event, handing out your leaflet can help keep your company in the mind of potential customers- for they will hold onto the information and be able to re-read your offers!

Cost effective

Leaflets are significantly cheaper to produce compared to investing in online digital marketing, they also give a much higher return on investment. Leaflets are quick to make and distribute, allowing you to create many designs and ideas at the price of perhaps one digital advertisement. This form of print media gives you the freedom in your brand, giving your company a direct foundation of contact for customers, furthermore, the lower costs give you time to focus on your customers and clients requests and queries!

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