Sticker Sheets

Want to stand out on the market and have your own, unique brand?  Our custom sticker sheets are constructed from quality materials to ensure a long-lasting, low-cost investment. With a range of shapes and designs, our sticker sheets are cost effective, practical marketing tools for your business or brand.

  • A versatile range of self-adhesive sheet stickers. – It’s the perfect solution for packaging, promotional, or product labels.
  • Ideal for high volume applications at a low cost.
  • Great for cost effective marketing campaigns, as they’re affordable and durable.
  • Wide range of shapes and designs, suitable for all occasions.


Sizes: Circular- 37 x 37mm, Circular – 64 x 64mm, Circular – 76 x 76mm, Circular – 88 x 88mm, Circular- 51 x 51mm, Rectangle – 110 x 75mm, Rectangle – 140 x 94mm, Rectangle – 51 x 25mm, Rectangle – 62 x 33mm, Rectangle – 76 x 51mm, Rectangle – 80 x 45mm, Rectangle – 88 x 63mm, Rectangle – 96 x 51mm, Rectangle – 96 x 68mm, Square – 37 x 37mm, Square – 45 x 45mm, Square – 51 x 51mm

Printed sides: Single sided

Paper stock: Self Adhesive (Gloss) – Kiss Cut

Finishing types: Varnish – Flood UV – Gloss (Front Side)

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