Why Large Format Print Stands Tall in Branding your Message

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Large format prints relate to any of the following; posters, vinyl banners, cardboard cut-outs, window stickers, wallpaper artwork, signage and just about any large-scale advertisement space. Large format print really does exemplify the “blank canvas”, this form of marketing is essential in communicating your brand and what you stand for, it’s a podium for your business to spread word of your incredible company- show off your creativity and commitment to the growth of your establishment!

What to include

Channelling your company into one space is not an easy task to do, it can be tempting to throw as much information about your business as possible to make sure you get your money worth, but realistically no-one is going to spend time to stop and take in all that information. Large format prints are an opportunity to demonstrate how less-is-more. Keeping a simple design and snappy slogan is fantastic in encouraging potential customers to want to learn more. For that is what it is all about- your customer wanting to know more about your business. It is easy to just lay your services out, lay down what you can do for your customers- but where is the fun in that?! You will see more success with large format print that conveys a simple message- an introduction to your business, this will then encourage individuals to dive deeper into your brand through curiosity and inquisitiveness. 

Creative large format print examplesBacklit Graphics Display and Printing

Nike provided the bold and eye-catching large format print for the “council of zoom” marketing campaign. Notice the use of backlight around the edges of the athletes- a creative and original factor that lets the large format print pop, providing a glow and three-dimensional aspect to their print. The print also includes photo opportunities for the advertisement- with two feet marks positioned in the middle of the space, this encourages customers to interact with the space- allowing free advertising for Nike.
Street Art Creative Advertising

Large format print doesn’t necessarily have to be attached to large banners and posters, stickers are also available to prove a fantastic advertising opportunity. As part of the marketing campaign for the Simpsons film, stickers were incorporated to the environment to give amusing and clever usage. Implementing your environment around your large format print is brilliant in showing off your business’s creativity and attention to detail, furthermore, incorporating your large printed media into the environment will draw more attention and photo opportunities to help spread the word!
Signalétique WE-EF

Large format print can also be applied to your internal area of business. Instead of hanging signs, we can see here that ATC Groupe have implemented a direction floor structure, printing trail lines on the floor that make it far easier and quicker to move around their building. Taking small actions in flipping the standard way of using signs to direct individuals makes a lasting impact on your customers, change to the norm is guaranteed to have a longer lasting impression on individuals, keeping your company at the front of their mind.

When it comes to large format print the cliché is true- think outside the box. Being able to have a creative spin on your large print is fantastic in conveying that your company is innovative and creative- leading to customers to want to find out more about what innovative and creative solutions you can provide for them!

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