Small Format Printing: The Detail that Makes the Difference

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Small format print is the detail that puts the perfect touch to your area of business, from business cards, stickers, postcards, business flyers, broachers and much more- small format print offers a range of possibility to promote your business, demonstrating the meticulous and detailed understanding you have of your brand. A successful small format print campaign is vital in leaving a positive impression on your business, here are some examples of small format printing that can get you inspired!

Business Card Creativity

Many people see a business card as just a two-sided piece of paper, displaying basic information about themselves and their business. Sure, this is a good way to transfer information to clients, but taking a more creative way of displaying your information is an ingenious factor in standing out. Here are some clever business cards that implemented creativity in their presentation:

Ninja BTL came up with the genius idea of folding their card into a ninja star, highlighting a double use for the card and reinforcing their branding. With the information able to fit on the corners of the star, this origami inspired small format print is a brilliant way to make the most out of a business card!

Post image for Ninja BTL’s Shuriken Business Card_When Ninjas leave business cards, they leave shurikens as their business card. Or at least the Ninjas from Ninja BTL do. “Killing the ordinary” is their motto. They certainly did a great job with these anything but ordinary business cards. screenshot

This card encouraged the user to squeeze the middle of the card to create a bend, leading to the hidden information sitting in a bracket between the two parts of the card. This card exemplifies your receiver spending more time on your card and discovering your creativity side, you were therefore staying at the front of their mind longer.


Perfect for a hospitality business, this chocolate company included a bite mark at the edge of their card to reinforce the sector they were in. Being able to use factors from your sector into the small details of your business is a fantastic way to communicate your eye for detail.

Brochure Creativity

Brochures stand as a more detailed introduction to your business, an important factor in displaying your services to customers and clients. Many businesses take the safe route of a standard brochure design; A4 pages, block text, basic colouring with limited images. While this is a viable and positive way to communicate your services, it is still not delivering the full potential that brochures offer! Here are some creative brochures that can inspire your next design!
Some of the best brochure designs don't involve crazy shapes or folds –  they just do a great job of giving the reader what they need. Here,  a building map unfolds floor by floor. [Visitor map | Cartlidge Levene]

This original piece of creativity from Cartlidge Levene uses a vertical fold out design to cleverly report on a building map. The vertical design can mimic the aesthetic of the building, allowing the reader to navigate far easier than a standard brochure design.

Cleverly designed brochures can even double as great packaging for your business, a brilliant way to show off your product alongside the information about it! Offering a free product in your brochure is also a great way to entice future business.

Really push the boat out with your brochure design by including some pull out tabs/strips to reveal your company’s information! As demonstrated here, BMW incorporated car track marks on their brochure holder which opened to reveal their brochure. The design is sleek and simple, making full use of user engagement and creativity to promote their cold weather tyres!

So, when you approach your next marketing project, remember the power that small format printing can bring to your business. With an endless supply of creative space to dip into, small format printing is proof that details can make the difference in your brand awareness, this marketing tool is an opportunity to go the extra mile with your creativity and really let your company shine.

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