Special Finishes

10+ Special Finishes at TiC Media

1. Spot UV – add contrast and depth to your materials with a spot UV finish in certain areas
2. Die-cutting – add shape or strengthen with die-cutting techniques
3. Varnishes – increase sheen or protection with one of our excellent varnishes
4. Gloss / Matt / Soft Lamination – even more protection and aesthetic options!
5. Foil Stamping – this hot technique is used to transfer pre-dried inks
6. Embossing – uncover three-dimensional designs with embossing finishes
7. Debossing Letterpress – or how about a letterpress to make a bold statement?
8. Metallic Inks – make your words shine and reflect light with metallic inks
9. Folding – millimetre-perfect folds are possible with our leading equipment
10. Laser-cutting – we stock the very best laser cutting machines for impeccable accuracy
11. Foiling – impressive lettering and designs are just a foiling finish away!