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Restaurant settings are a place where the details can make all the difference. Creative restaurant branding across menu designs, business cards, and more are all incredibly important to not only attract new customers but to retain repeat customers. Dining out should be an experience for restaurant-goers, so why not take time over your designs to make sure your customers will remember their time at your restaurant? Here are some print ideas to keep in mind when rolling out your restaurant marketing!

Menu Printing Designs

The restaurant menu is probably one of the most important parts of your business. It should not only relay clear information about your food but should be able to stand out as an eye-catching and impressive piece of print that keeps in parallel to your branding. Get creative with typography, even mixing up the shape and format on how your menu is presented, i.e, the Bavet restaurant in Bruges has creatively created a menu that is written on a vinyl sleeve, with a vinyl insert that displays drink and dessert options! This creative angle on displaying your food helps build your brands individualism while also creating a conversation point, which can encourage new and repeat customers.

Restaurant Uniform Design

Printing a recognisable and professional-looking design onto a work uniform is one of the defining features that make up a restaurant. With an endless stream of possibilities, stepping up the creativity of uniform design will set your restaurant apart from the rest. Here at TiC Media, we can print your design with clear and detailed digital and embroidered printing methods that will keep your design durable and long-lasting for all your customers to see. Maintaining a strong understanding of cross-print marketing helps build your brand strength while communicating your attention to detail and the ability to go above-and-beyond.

Discount flyers and Loyalty cards

While it is great to have loyal and repeat customers, generating new customers is the route that leads to repeat customers. Enticing new business to your restaurant can be achieved through flyer distribution in your local area, flyers including discount codes/vouchers that entitle new customers to special deals. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your customer base while having a higher chance of repeat custom due to your generous deals.

It’s not just discount flyers that can attract new and repeating customers; loyalty cards are a brilliant way to reward your customers for their continued use of your services. Choosing a loyalty scheme of your personal preference, helps you achieve the loyalty that delivers both on visual reward, as well as customer retention and engagement with your restaurant!

Keep in mind the printing opportunities that can build your restaurant’s brand and image. From advertising posters to business cards, your restaurant deserves the same marketing tools as any other business. Keeping your customers well-informed on your workings as a business is a fundamental tool in retaining repeat customers and attracting new faces!

Marketing your restaurant to fit into your Restaurant branding is one of the most important aspects of running your company. It not only ensures a professional and trustworthy aesthetic, but proof to your customers that you take the time to view how your business will look from an outside perspective. From marketing your menus, to marketing the clothing of your staff- restaurant branding makes the difference for customer experience.

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