Estate Agent Boards

Having effective marketing signage can help to draw attention from afar. This also makes for a successful campaign which will increase customer interaction and how much activity you will get from potential clients!  Use property boards at homes you’re selling to generate interest and increase your sales. Property boards are an efficient way of bringing in new customers waiting for properties and showing them what different houses are on offer.


  • Get the most out of your marketing spend with these boards that are easy to transport, install and maintain.
  • Made from sturdy, lightweight material so they won’t bend, break or fall.
  • Dual display available – we offer both single or double-sided display
  • Robust weatherproof design that can withstand rain, hail and the elements.


Size: 813 x 610mm

Printed sides: Double Sided, Single Sided

Paper stock: Correx 6mm

Direction of flute: Landscape (Long Flute), Portrait (Short Flute)

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