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Helping businesses with New Marketing Ideas for the new year. Let’s face it, 2020 is a year we will all be happy to see the back of. A universally frustrating and worrying time for us all, we have all had to adapt our lives in extreme ways to make sure we could keep each other safe and lower our risks. Your customers and clients have been right there with you through the turbulent year, it is now important to make sure you can welcome them into the New Year with positivity and motivation. Here are some marketing/print marketing ideas for your business to make the most of the turning year!

Make sure your products are edited for the New Year
Having a business that uses print marketing as a tool to draw in business is one of the most important factors in running a company. At TiC Media we have a long-standing reliability with providing up-to-date print marketing tools. Branded calendars are a good start for your business, making sure your dates are lined up correctly in parallel to the New Year can help avoid embarrassing deadline faults. It is also worth considering any industry events or invitations that need to be prepared for your New Year, consider your design that needs to be produced for small format print (flyers, gift cards, business cards) and large format print (posters, banners, flags), making the correct adjustments to guarantee all your business information is updated with the year!

Newsletter optimisation
While sending New Year emails out to your customers and clients is a positive way to start your New Year, printable newsletters that can be posted to other businesses and customers/clients is going a step further. It is a fact that your printable marketing technique will give you a higher ROI, encouraging the recipient to either get in touch with your company, or, hold onto your business information for a much longer period compared to an email newsletter. Incorporating a physical discount token to use in your store/place of business is also a brilliant way to get your customers using your services at the start of the year!

Send New Year Emails with Printed Media
Sending a New Years’ email to your clients and customers is a fantastic starting point for your company in letting them know that you are thinking of them and care about their time. While it is important to make the emails personal, you can go the extra mile by sending out personalised print media (a New Year card/ business introduction to the year). Distributing print media in packages via direct mailing is an exclusive personalisation for your company- all services that can be provided for by TiC Media! Make sure you keep the emails and print media open to your customers and clients, this is guaranteed to make them feel more rewarded with your service. Your contacts will be flooded with emails in the New Year, making sure you have a sleek and impressive email personalisation, i.e., through subject lines stating names alongside personalised merchandise and print media, is one way of having a lasting impact at the start of the year. Furthermore, adding discount codes or offers in your New Year email is great for increasing brand loyalty, moreover, selecting a few loyal customers for product prizes is highly beneficial to your business image! Implementing a New Year marketing strategy to your business is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your businesses loyalty to customers- while also attracting new customers and clients. With the end of the year being a welcome for many of us, make sure you start the New Year right with a thoughtful and detailed marketing plan!

Newyear Marketing

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