How Scratch Cards Gain You New and Repeat Customers

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Scratch cards present an irresistible promotional tool to entice your customers into using your business. They provide a lucky dip for your customers, with prizes of any of your own choice- from discounts, giveaways and more, scratch cards are able to reward your customers for taking time to engage with your business- before even purchasing a service! They are a great tool in getting interaction and traction behind your company, with the opportunity of repeat customers who are impressed with your company’s efforts.

How you can optimise your scratch card

The option of having the same prize on every scratch card is an option, but not recommended. Think of these prizes as mini-offers and discounts with a one-time use, this is the sole purpose of enticing your customers to use your service, a scratch card with different sets of prizes keeps it interesting and exciting. If you have one prize across all your scratch cards, then customers will pick up on this and become uninterested as they won’t feel as special or singled out and feel they have less chance of winning.

Take some time in thinking about some of the prizes available to win- alternative loyalty schemes, free products, money off a product or service. These are all factors that go towards having the most optimised scratch card Having these prizes advertised on the card is fantastic in getting your customers to pick the card up in the first place- they see the variety of prizes on offer and believe they have more chance of winning.

Scratch cards can also be used as a repeat promotional marketing tool for your business. By implementing this strategy at a seasonal time of the year, you can get more use out of them.  For example, having a Christmas themed prize in the festive season, or perhaps a romantic prize for Valentines, these times in the year are brilliant in giving your customers more opportunities to interact and communicate with your business.

It is also important to make sure you have a terms and condition section on the back of the card alongside your contact details when they win a prize. This is a clever way to increase not only your mailing list, but it gives the chance to encourage repeat customers, moreover, even if individuals do not win, having a second competition for losing cards is a fantastic way to get more repeat customers, allowing everyone to have the opportunity to claim a prize.

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