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Gifting to your customers is an incredibly positive and beneficial aspect in making your business shine. Being able to come up with clever and appropriate gifts for your customers is a great way to express your gratitude towards them, for it reflects well on your service, leading to a higher chance that your customers will spread the word of your business, and the thoughtful frame of mind your company holds. Here are 5 gift ideas that will leave your customers feeling special!

Business hampers

If feasible, business hampers are incredibly effective in letting your customer know that you appreciate them taking their time to choose your service. These corporate hampers are fantastic in spreading goodwill, something that can unfortunately be lacking in the business environment. Moreover, the hamper sends a message of value and recognition- reminding your customers you have not forgotten about them. The business hamper is a memorable gift and is a brilliant way to give back to your clients.

Saying thank you

A common courtesy perhaps when face-to-face, yet saying thank you in other ways is important in making your customer feel special. Some thank you ideas can be sending a card to clients on holidays, furthermore, celebrating your customers birthdays or anniversaries is a superb way to reflect your company values. It is important to remember that while bringing in business is a large aspect of your service, holding onto existing customers should be just as important!

Discount and exclusive vouchers

Incorporating a discount and voucher system to customers is a brilliant way in making them feel happy and special. Using discount coupons for your service is a win-win scenario; customers get a good deal and can save money, you have customers using your service. It might be worth using discount codes and vouchers for customers that have used your service for a long while, setting up a loyalty scheme for them is a great way to demonstrate the value they hold to you.


Implementing a giveaway/contest with the prize being a gift related to your business is a fantastic example of giving your customer something very special. These competitions can be implemented online or in store, providing some fun for your customers while also increasing awareness of your brand. These are proven methods of exciting people to action, giving a great return on investment!

Post-transaction gifts

Whether this stands as a first-time transaction, or in reference to a large transaction, post-transaction gifts positively impact your customers’ experience using your service. Perhaps it can be a discount code on their next purchase, or bigger items like a free use of a service, either way, these are able to entice your clients in and let their actions make them feel very special!

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