Making the Most of First Impressions with Branded Boxes and Packaging

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Boxes and packaging are often an aspect of a business that get overlooked when it comes to branding opportunity. First impressions are imperative in our world, implementing branded packaging and boxes for your services is a fantastic way to promote your company’s awareness, staying in the mind of your customers and clients. Here are a few examples of products that can boost your branding!

Printed Postal Boxes

Printed boxes provide an opportunity to go just a little further when the arrival of goods is delivered to your customers. With a selection of sizes (that fit through standard UK letterboxes), you are able to extend your branding into your customers environments, furthermore, the different shapes offer an area of creativity for you to develop a product that can stand out from other postal deliveries. Print personalisation on a durable e-flute material (protects during transit against damage), printed postal boxes are a staple in expanding your branding and awareness.

Wine Bottle Carriers

Wine bottle carriers are able to provide a fantastic momentum of gratitude to your customers and clients. A great gift idea for your business, these customisable lightweight and rigid cardboard holders are a gift that keeps on giving; not only are you able to provide a bottled gift, but your branding on the gift means the recipient will remember your company’s gesture of good will and appreciation. Available in a range of colours for your choice, wine bottle carriers offer a practical and long-lasting token of praise and appreciativeness!

Gift boxes

With a wide area of space to print your customisable and beautiful designs, gift boxes are an enticing and engaging piece of packaging that can brighten your customers and client’s days! With a rigid e-flute material and easy to assemble design, gift boxes highlight a long-lasting memory of your business- branded packaging which reinforces your company’s image and message to your customers. Personalised gift boxes guarantee to convey an image of close communication between yourself and your customers.

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