A Simple Guide That Will Help You Advertise Your Business with Flyers

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Being able to advertise your business can be an arduous task, taking up lots of time and money and using up resources for your company. Advertising with flyers however, is a low-cost marketing option for your business, moreover, they are a great way to promote or introduce a new product or service to your community. Flyers are a great kickstarter for your growth in business, acting as the first step towards greater customer onboarding and community awareness. 

When designing your flyer, be thoughtful of your headlines, for these are the introductory factors of not only the flyer, but also your business! Use a bold and attention-grabbing headline that lays out the benefits that you are offering. Try to avoid using your company name as the headline- this steers the customer away from your service. Using bold headlines with offers is far more likely to grab the attention of your customer, large texts which include off the bat services entice your customer to read on and react to your companies’ services!

Let’s say you are advertising your company to a local community. You are a local business aimed at helping the local community- convey this message! Be human in your tone and voice, being serous and non-conversational in your tone can look as though it is a script designed to target mass audiences- not the individuals. Your customers are extremely likely to go to your business over a large faceless one, make sure you communicate your approachability and be inviting; include the people behind the products by using personal photos, share the story of your company- these all contribute to the human side of business and attract a loyal customer base.

As you have set the foundations up for good advertising of your flyer, go the extra mile by including a call-to action. It is impressive enough to include a flyer with your information and what you can offer your customers, but if there is no call-to action- then what’s the point of advertising? Simple call-to action techniques can be (if feasible) include coupons and discount codes exclusive to the flyer for your customer to bring in/use. Also, include offers with a limited time scale on, this creates a stronger demand for your services while also giving back to your customer.

Hopefully this short guide will set you on your route in creating an advertising flyer that reflects your company accurately and successfully. The power of word of mouth is still a fantastic way to create a hype around your company, furthermore, flyer marketing in print media will still see a hugely beneficial return on investment for your business. 

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