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Do you want to take your business marketing to the next level? If yes, and you have the budget, then investing in signage can help you stand tall against competitors. The beauty of signage is the range of availability, meaning you can take your creativity to the next level across a spectrum of signage formats! Here are 9 signage types that will give your business an impressive boost and see an exceptional return on investment.

Roll up banners

Roll up banners are a fantastic signage as you can get so much use out of them! These signs can be reused, simply having to change the banner or insert whenever a new offer or advertisement is on. Furthermore, as these signs are portable, you can place them anywhere; business expos, outside or inside your business- you can take your business brand wherever you please! 

Wall Signs

Considered one of the most well-known and popular signage, wall signs are a staple for advertising your business and making you more aware to potential customers. Available to be positioned inside or outside, this format of signage is highly customisable, allowing your creativity to reign free, moreover, signs can include backlights which provide a brilliant emphasis on your design!

Pylon Sign

Pylon signs are the tall and bold signs you tend to see from a distance either from your car or on the high street. This marketing tool is a fantastic opportunity to not only let your business stand tall against competitors, but is a great way to highlight where your business is located. Due to their height potential, customers and clients can use your pylon sign as a point of direction for your service!

Hanging signs

Hanging signs provide a great reference of information while inside a store or office. This format is simple to construct, with two hook holes for it to hang above the floor, if you obtain see through hook supports then the sign can have the illusion of floating above the floor! Hanging signs can keep your customers clear of store layouts and direction. 

Floor and window graphics

One of the easiest signages to place anywhere, floor and window graphics are able to stick to any surface of your desire. Floor stickers are a great way to direct potential customers to your place of business, while window graphics keep your windows looking intriguing and standing out. Colourful and attractive designs are worth thinking about with these formats, for these mediums in bright colours are hard to ignore!

Vehicle Graphics

Imagine you can use your vehicle as moving and travelling billboard- that’s exactly what vehicle graphics can provide. Simply choosing a designated area on the vehicle to advertise yourself or business, placing the graphic on said area, and away you go! Turn heads with brighter colours and bold statements so it can be easily read when driving past customers.

Mat signage

Not many people are aware of this sector of signage, yet mats are one of the most versatile tools of signage. Not only will they provide safety and cleanliness, they are also able to offer promotional and informational purposes for your business. 

Flag signage

Fly your flag for your business with a customisable flag design that waves your service proudly. Flags serve as a great purpose of signage as they not only act as a large-scale advertising space for your brand, but are able to be a staple for directing your customers to your business.

Magnetic signage

Magnetic signs are an excellent option for portable and remote signage. These signs are easy to stick to any metal surface, furthermore, these signs can be constructed in any shape required, giving you the opportunity to show off your creativity with a shape that is original to your brand and turning heads!

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