10 Outdoor Marketing Products That Will Switch Up Your Business

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Marketing your company in the outdoor environment presents a fantastic opportunity to advertise to a larger scale! You are able to reach a much further field of customers, for advertising in just your shop/office can limit spreading the word of your fantastic service and offers. But just how will you be able to nail your outdoor marketing? These 10 products should be able to inspire your vision and tap into your creative side!

Branded flags

Fly your business high with eye-catching quill flags! They offer a flexible, lightweight and easy to build solution to spreading your message outside or inside. Available in different heights, and with a choice of bases to suit all ground areas you wish to advertise in. Whether you wish to plant your flag straight into the ground with a spike base, or mount on hard flooring with a solid base- or even mount on the wall, these flags are able to advertise your custom brand and message wherever you wish to be! Moreover, branded flags are able to act as a fantastic location point to attract your customers to your company, their limited information space means you can get straight to the point in your advertisements.

Branded Parasol

Keep everyone safe and protected from sunlight and sudden showers with your own branded parasol! Water repellent and UV resistant outdoor parasols are able to provide a fantastic aesthetic to your business, furthermore, water filled bases allow you to set up anywhere you wish, while you also have the option of erecting the cover on its own over a picnic table! With the opportunity to customise each panel of the parasol fabric, this outdoor marketing product is not only useful against the weather, but providing more space for your advertisements!

Branded deck chair

Add your logo or design to a customisable branded deck chair for the chance to really get noticed at events outdoors. This marketing tool is a fantastic opportunity for customers and clients to interact with your brand- encouraging photo opportunities and giving individuals passing by the chance to take some rest while promoting your company!

Branded Umbrella

Keep that rain off your back with a bright and bold umbrella which beams your brand. A customisable umbrella not only gives the opportunity of keeping you and your clients dry, but also acts as a walking advertisement. Wherever you go with your umbrella open, your message goes with you. Think off all the potential clients and customers you pass daily, imagine being able to offer your services to these people-branded umbrellas can do this for you.

Branded Facemasks

Wearing facemasks is highly important in reducing the distance that virus-carrying droplets can spread, a piece of knowledge that is widely known. Due to our current climate, facemasks have become part of everyone’s daily lives. Branded facemasks provide a message of safety your company presents, furthermore, they are able to be a mobile advertisement for your company, they work as a win-win for your company; you can advertise your services to a wide audience while also keeping everyone safe.


The great thing about gazebos is their ability to be moved both inside and outside with such ease. Gazebos offer a hub for your business at events and a staple in outdoor marketing, with large spaces available to advertise your company- they can really stand you out in a competitive space. With a high return on investment, gazebos can be used in the long run for a multiple of events in a season while still standing strong against other outdoor marketing tools!

Outdoor signage

Perhaps the most obvious of the list, outdoor signage such as; posters, covers, pavement stickers, floor stencils and cone signs are all vital in promoting your business across your outdoor audiences. As these marketing tools are usually small and easy to move, they can be placed in many different areas around your business or at any business events for optimal coverage.

Pop-up kiosks

The pop-up kiosk is one of the most eye-catching products on offer. The functional design is perfect for event bars, merchandise shops, ticket deals or sample desks plus much more! The cleverly designed octagonal shape has rigid counters with room for people to serve behind a branded dome, furthermore, aluminium poles and waterproof fabric means it is durable for indoor and outdoor events.

Vehicle Graphics

Imagine you can use your vehicle as moving and travelling billboard- that’s exactly what vehicle graphics can provide. Simply choosing a designated area on the vehicle to advertise yourself or business, placing the graphic on said area, and away you go! Turn heads with brighter colours and bold statements so it can be easily read when driving past customers.

Pylon Sign

Pylon signs are the tall and bold signs you tend to see from a distance either from your car or on the high street. This marketing tool is a fantastic opportunity to not only let your business stand tall against competitors, but is a great way to highlight where your business is located. Due to their height potential, customers and clients can use your pylon sign as a point of direction for your service!

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